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Created by:  Omri Lior 

Words with a View

a series of programs dealing with Israeli culture, literature & poetry

Words with a View’ is a series of programs dealing with Israeli culture, its literature and its poetry. It consists of lectures incorporating segments of films about iconic Israeli poets and writers.
The series includes:

  • 13 programs about writers and poets, (mostly Israel Prize winners), such as: Haim Gouri, Nathan Shaham, Aharon Megged, Yehudit Hendel, A. B. Yehoshua and others. 

  • 7 programs dedicated to certain subjects, dealing with various factors which affected the lives and writing of many of the writers and poets. These are: The Holocaust, Childhood, Parents, The Kibbutz, The Aliyah, Religion / Ethnicity/ Alienation, The Home and the Workspace.

A country is the sum up of all its generations.
A culture is the sum up of all its periods.
We are in debt to those who preceded us,
and are leaving a legacy to those who follow us…” 
                                                            Haim Gouri. 

Through the series, audiences are exposed to Israel’s culture, through the lives and writings of the writers and poets, and the different circumstances which brought about their writing.
Each program includes interviews about the writing and life of the writers/poets, visits to places significant to them, readings from their books, and archival materials, such as photos and documents. 
As part of each program, we will talk about the writers and or/ the poets, and I will include anecdotes from my meetings during the process of their work together.

Each program in the series can last an hour to an hour and a half (according to your requests). The contents of each meeting can be adjusted according to your preference. It is possible to schedule a single program or several weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly programs, covering up to the entire series.

I would be happy to provide additional information upon request.

Omri Lior - the series’ creator

The Programs

For information on the programs - click the picture above

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